Each Partoem product is made using a unique origami-inspired technique. The leather is cut, scored, and folded into place with care using gentle hand pressure and precise hammering. The hardware is then installed by hand. The name of each product is a reference to its pattern, linking the finished item to its handcrafted beginnings.


All of our bags and accessories are made using genuine full-grain vegetable-tanned cowhide leather from Tuscany, Italy. Vegetable tanning is a traditional process that uses natural tannins found in bark and leaves.

Strong, durable and warm, this type of natural leather is recognized as a high-quality, environmentally responsible choice. Our tannery is part of a vegetable-tanned leather consortium made up of 22 Tuscan tanneries operating between Pisa and Florence. These individual operations share the same standards of excellence and environmental responsibility. In order to make the most of this noble material, all of our suede dust bags are made from the recovered leather left over from the splitting process.

Since we only use untouched full-grain leather, each hide has its own specific coloring, markings and striations. Vegetable-tanned leather matures over time and will reveal a unique patina, adding character to your product. Many things can leave prints and marks on the surface of leather, and each should be embraced as beautiful mementos of the item’s history.


Reminiscent of body piercings, our unique hardware is functional and replaces standard stitching. Each piece is custom-made and available in gold or silver finish. Zamac (a zinc alloy) is used to make the base for our hardware, which is manufactured in China. The exception is our Uni key rings, which are made in Italy using gold-plated solid brass. For everyone’s health, all of our hardware is certified lead- and nickel-free.


Our products are resistant and durable. Nonetheless, they should be handled with care. Please avoid putting your leather bags or small leather goods near direct heat, as it may cause the leather to shrink, dry or crack. Direct contact with water and rain should also be avoided, as it may leave water stains on the leather.

Just like human skin, leather can be moisturized. We suggest that you clean, nourish and protect your leather goods at least twice a year using the leather balm available on our website.

Place some leather balm onto a clean cotton or flannel cloth and, using a circular motion, apply lightly to the surface. The balm penetrates quickly, so there is no need to let the product sit on the leather. If you scratch the leather, you can buff the surface with your fingers or use balm on a cloth to diminish the appearance of scuffs.

Our leather is dyed naturally and some pigment may transfer onto clothing the first times you use your Partoem item. Caution is recommended. If you wish to receive further information on how to care for our products, we would be happy to assist you.